Monday, September 12, 2016

My perfect day

My perfect day begins waking up in my husbands arms. He is my best friend and I can be my softest self with him. We kiss and look into each other's eyes and say good morning. We are laying in our beautiful queen bed with crisp white sheets. We then make love, each reaching ecstasy. He then gets up to make breakfast as I stay and meditate for an hour, write my morning gratitude and goals for the day. I meet my husband in the kitchen where he has prepared duck eggs, fruit and coffee or tea. We sit and eat while talking of feelings, ideas and dreams which is always layered with Harty laughter. He is so funny he makes me laugh so hard I spit out a little coffee and he thinks it's adorable. We then take a bath together and have another session in our glorious shower afterwards. We both dress and he is off for the day, as we both work for ourselves so he is off to do him. I take more tea up to my office which overlooks the lake and glorious mountains. I love it here. My creative juices always flow in this space. We are about 30 mins from the ocean, but I preferre to be surrounded by mountains and fresh water. I sit and work on my book for three hours, occasionally stopping to rub my belly and honor the gift we have been given inside me. A girl. She will be born in under four months. I then take some time to answer emails and correspondence with my online community. I have created several online products and programs as well as have written a coupe books. I also book another speaking gig close to home for next weekend, maybe my husband will join me on this one. He always likes to accompany me on my speaking gigs and we like to stay in fancy hotels and get spoiled for a weekend.

When I am done in my office I go for a swim in the lake. It is a gorgeous summer day. Fall is approaching. My favorite! Then when January comes we are off to our hawaii home for two months where my family will be jointing us for a couple weeks. Then, back home for March just in time for spring.

When I am done with my swim I head back I to the house, take another bath and read my book. I then start to prepare food in my magnificent kitchen. I love to cook in this kitchen! We are having a couple friends over tonight as I love to host and share food conversations, ideas and laughter with those I love. My husband arrives home, and helps me add some finishing touches to dinner. Our friends arrive, there is much laughter and deep conversations. We are surrounded by conscious people, who I love. The end of the night comes and my husband and I clean up and head to our magnificent bed. We both read, make love and fall asleep in each other's arms.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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