Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finding My Tribe

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

One person that I admire and look up to is Brenee Brown. I definitely would want to be around her and have her in my tribe! She is a shame and vulnerability researcher as well as an author. I love her work, as it has totally blown the lid off of how I live now. I came from a very heavy shame based community growing up and with reading her work, it has really helped me with all areas of my life, past, present and future. I have taken both of her workshops with a facilitator here in Hawaii and my life is forever changed.

If I were to meet her in person I would ask:

1) what are some of your writing habits?

2) Can we be friends? ;)
Seriously,  can we?

Haha. I would ask What gets in the way of you following through?

Another woman I would love to have as a mentor would be Danielle Laporte. I find her work not only inspiring but empowering! I am all about empowerment!

She is an author, feminist, leader, mother, and I love seeing the new products and reading about her process. She is a no bullshit lady and she cuts through the bullshit but is always encouraging her audience to be authentic and gentle on themselves. I have been heading more into the spiritual arena rather than the logical as of late and I feel very inspired by her.

If I were to meet her, I would ask:

1) What is the number one thing I must do if I have a story to tell and I NEED to share it with people?

2) What little practices help you achieve your goals?

3) How do you deal with overwhelm?\

Another I already consider my mentor, Jessica Valant. She was my first PT and introduced me to Pilates. I have watched her create this amazing online community and business.

1) How did you get started?

2) What are the three things you do every day to avoid overwhelm and burn out?

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