Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stroke of Inspiration


Opposition in life comes to all of us and comes in many ways. Most opposition is mental but some is also physical. We seldom seek out opposition and most shun it- looking for an easier path. Some are blessed to have real opposition that tests their metal. 

You, my beautiful daughter were a princess, fast becoming a queen, with the world literally at your feet. And because you had abilities, personality, and looks you were in command. And you were not always a gracious commander. 

Then you were brought low, and given a second chance at getting it right. 

Your recovery aspirations were lofty concerning the damage done. 
You set your goals and put in lots of hard work. 
Your spirit was undefeatable. 
Your determination just continued and continued.

And four years later we have our princess back, a little humbler, a lot more mature, and just as vivacious as always. 

I love you Hillary ,


It is hard to believe that only four years ago I almost lost everything in life. I start with this letter from my father because it not only touches me, but there is a piercing reality and sounding truth to it all. It is a sweet reminder of where I was, where I came from and where I am today. I love my father, even when he calls me out on my "not-so-graciousness," because as we both know, he could have said a lot worse truth!

Four years ago on October 29, 2008 I survived my massive stroke. I was only 25 at the time, and looking back now, I was with out a legitimate care in the world.

I use this source to share my story in hopes that it will help reach people who are in need of what ever insight, stories, inspirations and so forth that I have to share about my journey. Which in fact, is a beautiful, forever evolving, exposing tale.

Before I go into details about, what we now call "My Big S," I would like to reflect on the celebration of my four year stroke- aversary. I gathered around me some of my closest friends who live on the island of Oahu and who are some of my greatest inspirations. Some knew me then, some know me now, some I feel have known me from life times ago. I asked them to meet me at Kaimana beach and to bring some written inspiration to share with the group. My dad brought the above letter, some brought stories, while others brought simple phrases. My intention with this blog is to touch on a few of these inspirations and inspirations I find daily, reach people about physical and mental health, share my experiences in growth and evolution, give tips on maintaining and achieving overall wellness, and the journey to becoming The Total Me.

Also, I recently joined a 30 day blog challenge. I started this post over 6 months ago, and here I am seizing the day and finally will be publishing.

I humble myself here today to express my graduated for all things life: little, big, small, and probably insignificant to most. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

Living gratitude daily,

Hillary A. Brown


  1. I am sitting in Costco waiting for the little darlings to finish their pizza with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes.
    Hillary, you write so beautifully! You have inspired me many times in the past 20 years with a letter or card or poem. I have no doubt that you will inspire many through this blog by sharing your story and your life journey!

  2. I agree with Katie, this is beautiful! The opening letter from your dad is perfect! You are one of the most beautiful women I know, I have told you before, I believe that you are my mothers twin soul. I think that you inspire and impact more people's lives than you know. I love you dearly, I'm so proud of you and I miss you everyday.