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If you are just joining me today, I have taken on a 30 blog challenge. I receive a question, I then answer it and post the challenge link at the bottom. I am not in this to win a prize, I am in this to learn more about myself and to use this a way to finally get motivated to share my journey. Today's challenge question is : 1) If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

My first thought was to share my 5 year vision letter (a letter you write to yourself in present tense in where you want to see your life in a certain amount of time). But then, I had what Dr. Brene Brown (my favorite researcher and author) calls vulnerability gremlins in me saying, "don't expose that much of yourself! What will people think? They will tell you its not possible. They will judge you, they will laugh...ect" But what it really comes down to, it does not matter what people think about MY dreams, MY visions, and MY choices. I vowed to use this time to be brave, dare greatly and share my journey and this is part of it. So here it goes...

Dear Hillary, 

Today was the perfect day! I taught at the studio for a few hours and ALL my clients are healing and really grasping things. They are seeing their bodies change over night and are seeing and feeling the value of The Total You's (my company) approach to Pilates and life . All my classes are full, with waiting lists. I love healing people and teaching them about their bodies. This is what feeds me, my mind, and my soul. The dance studio side is doing stunning! My teachers are amazing, dedicated, loyal, and committed. I can rely on them for anything. My dancers are excelling in everything dance and have a great understanding of how their bodies move through space, becoming wonderful technicians and are learning the most important thing is self love. I love my studios! They bring me a sense of peace and overwhelming joy. I feel so happy and centered to be there. I feel so fulfilled when I arrive, and even more so when I leave. My book is doing wonderfully. Every day I get letters and emails about how my journey has helped people from all over the world. That is why I am here, to help heal. I come home to my beautiful clean house, I could not ask for more room. My garden is in bloom, all the fruits and veggies are growing beautifully. Even the chickens, goats, and dogs bring a smile to my face. I am so blessed to be making enough money to support my amazing lifestyle. I teach 3 days a week at the studio, spend a few days volunteering at my favorite organizations, and travel to teach workshops all over the world and get paid very well to do it! I come home to a great person who brings me happiness in love daily. I am so blessed to have found a partner who shares the same values and priorities. Whom I can be my myself with through and through, but who also leads me to be a better person and who teaching me about life, myself, and the world all the time. Tomorrow I am going to meditate, take a class in the a.m. then spend the day outdoors by myself. I am going to explore something new about where I live and learn something new about myself.

To be continued...and I am still adding things.

This is hard from me to say in writing and I am not sure why...but in almost all the areas of my life I am free to do what ever it is that I want to do. I believe I already do live a millionaire lifestyle (without the millions haha). 

First, I get to wake up. Every morning when I wake, I practice gratitude that I am here to experience just one more day on this amazing planet. I live in a beautiful place (Island of Oahu) and wake to a beautiful view (of Diamond Head) in a home that I consider my sanctuary. I NEVER dread going to work. Believe it or not. If I am working hard on taking care of myself, eating right, sleeping enough and always making choices that benefit my higher self, it is never a struggle getting to do what I love in the world that I have created. Even though I am still practicing this and have not perfected it by any means, If I feel something is not benefiting me and I start to feel some sort of dissonance, I brain storm first on why I feel this way, seek council from my wonderful and beautiful friends and family and then figure out what I can do to change it. I believe we always have the power to change our lives. I am still learning lessons in life daily, which I love. These blessings in disguise may be hard and booooyyyy they are challenging, but it is what feeds my passion for my personal evolution.

If I were to be free to do anything I want, (more than I already do) I would love to travel to expand my knowledge of people, culture, this world and its wonderful vastness of evolutions. Which would probably lead to things that I would want to help change and make better. That is why I am doing this blog challenge. I know it is possible to travel and do what I love so I am hoping that this challenge will open my heart and eyes to new ideas and help the fire in me grow. I also would love to be able to spend more time with my family and allow them the freedom to do so as well. We live so far apart, that my heart aches for them. This is after all my choice, but it does not dull the pain.  
Second question (this one was way easier to answer): What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

My definition is being my own boss in everything life, who is in control of my time and choosing how to spend it and whom to spend it with. Period.

Practicing gratitude daily,


30 day challenge

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